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2025 Sustainability Strategy

Colgate invites a billion homes to create a healthy and sustainable future. Learn more about our 2025 Sustainability Strategy here. 

Sustainability 2025: Our Strategy for The Future

As we embark upon a new decade, Colgate is presented with tremendous opportunities and new challenges in the area of sustainability. We begin this new decade with great momentum and a sense of accomplishment as we finish the last year of our 2015 to 2020 sustainability strategy. We are now determined to position ourselves for further growth and are setting our sights on something even bigger as we announce our 2025 Sustainability Mission, our 12 “Ambitions” and several new important Targets. Here are some highlights and we will be sharing more soon.

2025 Sustainability Mission:
Colgate invites a billion homes to create a healthy and sustainable future

The 12 Ambitions

Drive Sustainable Sourcing


Lead with Zero Waste Facilities


Design Sustainable Products


Encourage Holistic Well-being


Inspire a Diverse and Inclusive Culture


Champion a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles


Build Sustainable Habits for Life


Foster Lifelong Relationships between Pets & People


Help Young People in Our Communities Thrive


Accelerate Action on Climate Change


Save Water


Eliminate Plastic Waste


Highlights: Our 2025 Targets

Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040


100% Renewable Electricity by 2030


100% Zero Waste Facilities


Eliminate 1/3rd of New Plastics


100% Ingredients Transparency


Net Zero Water Factories


Reach 2 Billion Children to Improve Oral Health


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